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Allen Johnson Formal Wear Stylist

Searching for a specific look, style, or fit? Allen Johnson will create the perfect ensemble that separates you from the rest.  We simply listen to clients to understand their needs and make those needs happen.

When we dress someone it is to make them look their best.  It’s not always about following a fashion trend.  No matter what the season, we will provide you with valuable advice on what does and does not work for you and why. So next time you’re shopping you will be able to avoid making the kind of impulse purchases that end up at the back of the wardrobe. 

Set an appointment with us so that we can understand your needs, take measurements, review and select fabrics, design your look to meet with your desires, tailor your attire, and then finalize the clothing in a final fitting. We want you to feel special throughout our Formal Wear Styling process, and look flawless for your special occasion.

Whether you are participating in or attending a wedding, ball, or another formal event, you need to arrive in style with the right look from head to toe.  From ties to shoes, Allen Johnson’s Formal Wear Stylist will ensure that you Feel Good and Fit Great.

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